Rail signalling and safety simulator

IN Reality Ltd

Analysts predict a shortfall of 5,000 train drivers in the UK by 2026 due to staff retirement and the planned expansion of the rail network. In order to manage this shortfall, the rail industry will need to recruit and train 10,000 new drivers over the next four years, doubling the current number of new drivers qualifying each year.

IN Reality will develop a prototype for a scenario-based simulator, initially for desktop and mobile (e.g. tablet) deployment. It will provide training for Part A (theory) including rail signalling and safety principles, based on the regulatory Rail Standards and Safety Board (RSSB) rules, and it will be compliant with Train Driving Licensing & Certificates Regulations (TDLCR) which will enable the solution to be scaled in the longer term.

The prototype will consist of a suite of signalling scenarios intended to be used by new and qualified drivers and other rail workers. The learning design will be based on serious games methods, to engage learners, lead them through the cases and present them with realistic challenges which they need to overcome. It will be constructed as a set of modular components so that it can be expanded later to include new content. The delivery team is experienced in the development of complex, high fidelity simulators for the aerospace industry, so it will be highly realistic (built with industry standard 3D software), with levels of interactivity supporting the active learning approach.