Reducing Skills Gaps in Land-based Industries


Agriculture and related industry occupations present a range of potential hazards for their workforce. They have a poor occupational health and safety record and have consistently shown the highest level of fatalities of any industry in the UK. Employees require a broad range of complex knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively, ideally before they enter the workforce.

Landex, a collective of 39 colleges delivering land-based education and training across the United Kingdom, aims to help address this challenge through a scenario-based training app, bridging the gap between theory and practical learning.

Forming part of a blended learning process, the app will assess where the learner is starting from, familiarising them with potentially dangerous situations. Learners can choose to replay scenarios to gain better scores, while tutors will receive feedback to allow for targeted interventions to support work readiness at individual and cohort levels. The app will also give employers a level of confidence that employees/learners on placements are well trained in Health and Safety.

The app will be accessible to anyone with internet access and will aim to reach 1,000 learners per month studying a technical qualification, apprenticeship or already employed in agriculture or horticulture.