Scaling With The Crowd


Supporting people who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness is a challenge that digital tech can help to solve.

Beam is an award-winning organisation that crowdfunds employment training for disadvantaged people. This project will enable new vocational learning opportunities for this community. People are referred to Beam by homeless charities, receiving a bespoke training and employment plan and support from a Beam employee. The crowdfunding model is designed to support people into paid work through vocational training that has recognised and accredited quality, and removes other financial barriers to gaining skills, including the costs of childcare and equipment.

Beam has tested the concept with a small group of learners and more than 20 Beam service users are now in paid employment, following training funded through donations. The project will support the move from proof-of-concept to full roll out. This will include developing the website and supporting infrastructure to be able to scale the solution, with a focus on building a mobile UI and UX for homeless members and donors. Innovative support will be improved through a private area of the website with messaging, ability to support each other’s progress and testing of peer support and mentoring.