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National Numeracy

If a young person won't take their eyes off their phone, they might just be improving their numeracy.

Funded by Ufi Trust, National Numeracy are developing a mobile-phone based set of games to help 16 to 25 year olds improve their numeracy. The project is focused on:

  • Unemployed people
  • Apprentices
  • University Training College and FE students

Paul Milner, project manager for National Numeracy, says:

"Our target audience has not been equipped for the numeracy they will need in adult life - for one reason or another, classroom maths has failed them. The mobile phone app we're creating won't be like school maths, but will focus on the key skill of being numerate. "

Following extensive audience research, the project is working with local games firm Plugin Media to develop six 'mini games' within the metaphor of a virtual film studio. Entertaining and fun to use, the games will allow users to practice fundamental numeracy skills such as estimating and judgement.

The project launched in autumn 2016.

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