Unionlearn: Transforming Open Online Learning [TOOL]


Through this project, TUC aims to create a step-change in the use of digital learning by workplace union representatives across the UK.

Work-based learning is delivered to 40,000 new representatives annually and supports 200,000 already in place. It needs to move to on-line delivery to become financial sustainable and meet the needs of participants for more flexible training. Ufi is supporting the design and development of web hosted versions of the TUC Education core training programmes, accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers; and the capacity of TUC Education to deliver a more flexible and accessible approach to learning. Importantly, it is also bringing the benefits of e-learning to a much wider audience of 6 million TUC members, the wider workforce and employers, through the influence of the 200,000 union reps. By increasing the opportunities to engage in e-learning and providing a practical demonstration of its effectiveness, this project has considerable potential to influence wider attitudes to digital learning among employees and employers.