Web For Classrooms


Vocational learning is much more effective if learners are offered resources at a reading level that they are confident with. That sounds like a simple and sensible idea, but delivering it is more complicated.

The concept being tested in this project is that providing access to relevant web-based information at the right reading level can improve outcomes in all subject areas. It supports personalised and flipped learning in the classroom and during independent study.

This project extends Wizenoze’s previous experience in schools to support learning in UK FE Colleges. By providing access to readable content on a chosen course, Web for Classrooms (WfC) supports students to gain greater comprehension of specific content, leading to improved vocational knowledge and competencies, enhanced employability skills, and eventually to greater career opportunities.

Web for Classrooms (WfC) is a SaaS solution directly targeted at vocational students and education practitioners. This project will test out in real time how appropriate materials can be sourced for a range of vocational areas to support learners across all reading levels. Moving from school level to FE level presents new challenges that the project will explore.