Wellbeing and Inclusion Training App for Special Education Needs and Disabilities


It’s a difficult challenge to care for those who aren’t always able to easily articulate their own needs. The challenge is even greater, if those being cared for are children. This project will take up the opportunity to make real changes to the way this is done.

Includmi is an app that comes from working with local authorities, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local health services, schools, early years settings and colleges, groups and networks of parents, carers, children and young people, voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations and others with an interest in ensuring that there is effective local support for young people with SEND. The goal is that everyone involved in that education, health and care will benefit from quality assured, tailored and targeted vocational training so that they can better support the children and young people in their care, and communicate better with each other.

The app will embrace social media functionality to place the needs of the child or young person at the centre of their own care, health and education. Their wellbeing will be monitored in real time, which highlights to the team around them which interventions are having the most impact.