Digging in to the past with VR

Virtual reality for assessment of practical tasks

Everyone can practise and perform the exact same tasks anytime, anywhere.

eCom Scotland's VocTech Seed project set out to prove the concept of using virtual reality for the learning and assessment of practical tasks - especially when those tasks are expensive to run in real life or can only happen at certain times of the year.

Scottish Waterways Trust acted as project partner for the development of the platform which was testing using archaeological digs which don't happen all year round.

By using virtual reality for assessment means everyone can practise and perform the exact same tasks anytime, anywhere.

Recording the virtual reality experience offers a chance for the learner to review their own actions but also allows assessors to see everything from the learner point of view.

Now that this concept has been proven to work, eCom Scotland are developing an authoring tool so that anyone can create their own virtual reality training and assessment - even without any coding skills. This is beneficial to businesses due to the cost and time it takes to outsource virtual reality content.

By developing this content creation platform for anybody to use, eCom Scotland are widening access to virtual reality learning instead of restricting it just to businesses who can afford to outsource.