Ufi and the Resolution Foundation

Backing a new wave of innovators to improve the prospects, power and progression of low-paid workers

The Resolution Foundation is an independent think-tank focused on improving living standards for those on low to middle incomes. The Foundation’s established work programme focuses on incomes, inequality and poverty; jobs, skills and pay; housing; wealth and assets; tax and welfare; public spending and the shape of the state, and economic growth.

Our Strategic Partnership with the Resolution Foundation will drive forward the development of technology which can play a crucial role in giving people better information about the jobs they take on, or to help them connect, organise and share information with each other.


The world of work is changing, with rising automation and increasing levels of job insecurity. We have seen how exposed many people are to changes in hours, lack of health and safety protections, and how few opportunities there are for flexible employment that works for families.

These challenges need to be tackled in new ways, to help people transition into different sectors, add to their skills, and improve the conditions at work. This is especially important for those on low-pay or with insecure contracts.

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The Workertech Partnership

Backing a new wave of innovators who will harness technology to improve the prospects, power, and progression of low-paid workers

The Workertech Partnership - a £1.3m programme backed by Ufi VocTech Trust, Resolution Foundation, Joseph Rowntree FoundationFriends Provident FoundationAccenture and Trust for London - backs Workertech start-ups with a mission of tackling significant problems in the UK’s labour market with investment and connections to our networks.

Resolution Foundation have published a new report exploring the impact of the first two years of the Workertech Partnership programme. 

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The Workertech Fund

As part of the Workertech Partnership, the Workertech Fund has provided investment into a number of early-stage ventures, including:

CareerEar - an online platform helping career-seekers from underserved groups to make career choices and prepare for the future of work. www.careerear.co.uk

Ikigai Data - a careers data and insights company that works with education and employment partners to help everyone find work that’s right for them. www.ikigaidata.com

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