Description of infographic

VocTech Challenge: Skills for an Economy in Transition workstreams


The infographic shows the six workstreams of activity that will be completed as part of Ufi's VocTech Challenge: Skills for an Economy in Transition. The title of the infographic is 'VocTech Challenge Goal: Improve participation in adult learning'.

The six workstreams are as follows:

  1. Launch the VocTech Future of Skills Award. Supporting big ideas from thought leaders, futurists, and new thinkers that will help us get the skills we need for a transitioning economy.
  2. Co-create a new programme of place-based collaboration with the Learning and Work Institute and others, targeting deep engagement across four areas; Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. We will work closely with the four areas to identify the key barriers to local skills delivery and work together to overcome them.
  3. Open a grant call to support digital solutions to the identified local barriers across the four nations.
  4. Support scalable solutions with venture investment.
  5. Evaluate our place-based collaboration.
  6. Lead a programme of advocacy.