Karen Monaghan

Board Secretary
Karen Monaghan

Karen supports the Ufi Board of Trustees, including responsibility for the organisation of Board meetings, Committees and all associated administration.

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I have worked in the charity sector for many years and in several different roles. Previously I have been involved in fundraising, international project management and animal rescues, so I feel I have really seen the wide breadth of what the sector can deliver! Prior to working for charities, I spent six years in the Royal Navy which gave me a really solid and flexible skills set. Working with a number of Trustee Boards has really helped me to understand how the charity sector is so important.

It is a privilege to work with so many talented people, giving their own time and skills to support a wide range of beneficiaries. As a Board Secretary, it is so important to ensure that the Board operates within the legislative guidelines and are compliant. However, it is also key to ensure that the Trustees work to challenge and bring ideas together to build a real culture around the key aims of a charity. When not at work, I enjoy living by the beach with my two children and husband. Oh, and a cat - who loves to join in meetings too!