Sarah Axon

Grants Manager
Sarah Axon

Sarah looks after Ufi's grant applications and the assessment process, and has also been running Ufi's Ignite programme.

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For someone interested in learning and technology - with a mission to expand access to skills -working for Ufi is in many ways a dream job.

Before coming to Ufi I spent 11 years in the e-learning industry where we created beautiful innovative learning programmes, usually for big corporates or large public bodies. I learned a lot about design and the power of technology, but also about the importance of motivation in learning. Never lose sight of the learner is a mantra that sticks with me.

What I like about Ufi is our focus on those areas which have previously been under- funded and overlooked where technology has the power to reach those who have not been well-served by traditional education routes. Improved vocational skills are the engine of the UK's future growth.

When not tapping at my keyboard I can be found in the woods.