VocTech Challenge Grant Fund

Applications are currently closed

Key information

Grant status:

The fund is currently closed for applications.

The next VocTech Challenge grant call will open in summer 2024.

Purpose of the fund

Our Challenge grant fund is for projects that address specific challenges highlighted through our VocTech Challenge programmes, focusing on some of the biggest challenges in adult vocational education.

How much funding is available?

Our most recent VocTech Challenge offered an initial £10k grant for the Define phase (both project types), followed by:

VocTech Activate grants of between £30k - £60k to test early stage ideas.

VocTech Impact grants of up to £150k for VocTech solutions that can deliver benefits to a large number of learners.

Man using smartphone to learn about a piece of equipment.

Explore our previous cohort of organisations awarded VocTech Challenge grant funding

The VocTech Challenge: Levelling up learning grant fund targeted projects with the potential to create a step-change in learner confidence and motivation, leading to better outcomes for learners, employers and for society as a whole.

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