VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund

Applications are now closed

Key information

Grant status:

The VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund is now closed for applications.

Purpose of the fund

This grant fund is part of our VocTech Challenge: Skills for an Economy in Transition programme.

Informed by the learnings from our place-based collaborations we are looking for bold, tech-led approaches to tackle one of three specific challenges:

  1. Employer integration:
    How can technology be used to integrate and reflect employers’ changing needs so that the skills of the available workforce better reflect the needs of local employers?
  2. Pathways into and within work:
    How can technology be used to increase the visibility, accessibility and uptake of pathways from learning into work, or from one type of work into another, particularly in regional growth sectors?
  3. Vocational language barriers:
    How can technology be used to support adults with in-demand vocational skills, but who don’t speak English as their first language, gain the industry-specific English required by employers?

Impact Network + Grant Fund

The VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund represents a new approach to Ufi grant funding.

Successful grant fund applicants will each receive between £200k and £250k to refine and deploy their ideas.

They will also join a network of organisations working alongside each other as part of an active, expert-led programme designed to create connections, share knowledge, test assumptions and accelerate adoption and deployment.

See below for full details.

The Impact Network + Grant Fund is now closed for applications, but you can explore the grant resources below.
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Eligibility checker

Interested in seeing if your project could be eligible for the Impact Network + Grant Fund?

Start here for an initial indication of what we are looking for and whether the grant could be right for you.

Eligibility checker

Missed the pre-application workshops?

To help you prepare your application we ran a series of workshops to introduce the grant fund and help ensure it is right for you. If you were unable to join a session, or would like to listen back, we have recorded the presentation here.

To jump to specific sections in the presentation click "Watch on YouTube". Trackmarks are included in the video description.

You can also download the slide deck.

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Background information

Application guidance

General resources

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