VocTech Challenge Grant Fund

Applications are now closed

Key information

Grant status: The fund is now closed for applications

Application closing date: Applications closed on 29 July 2021, 5pm GMT.

Purpose of the fund

This call is for projects that address the VocTech Challenge 2022.

How can VocTech address barriers and build bridges to create a step-change in learner confidence and motivation, leading to better outcomes for the learner, for the employer and for society as a whole? 

This Challenge is focused on adults impacted by the digital divide and furthest away from learning so they can gain the confidence they need to get skills for work.

How much funding is available?

An initial £10k grant is available for the Define phase (both project types), followed by:

Ufi VocTech Activate – Grants of between £15k - £50k to test early stage ideas.

Ufi VocTech Impact – Grants of up to £150k for VocTech solutions that can deliver benefits to a large number of learners.

What's different?

For this funding call Ufi is adopting a new approach. Please make sure you read the detailed fund guidelines carefully so you can understand how this is different from previous funding calls.

See below for the full fund criteria and guidance. You can also download the detailed fund guidelines.

Funding Workshops

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshops - we hope you found them useful.

Video of the workshop presentation

Presentation slides

Catch up on top tips and recordings from our Explore workshops:

Who are your learners?

Testing your ideas

Designing for your learners

Applications are now closed, but you can continue to explore the fund resources below.

Fund resources

The links below provide an introduction to the fund, explain how to apply and outline the fund criteria and background information.

Shaping your application

To support your application we have gathered some background resources, tips for applying and Frequently Asked Questions.

General resources