VocTech Activate 2023

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Support us in promoting the VocTech Activate grant fund

Thank you for supporting us in promoting the VocTech Activate grant fund

On this page you'll find sample text, tweets, graphics, animations and flyers you can use to help promote the VocTech Activate grant call across social media and your networks.

If you need any support in using these assets please contact media@ufi.co.uk.

If you know someone who is interested in applying for for a VocTech Activate grant fund, they can find detailed information here www.ufi.co.uk/activate.

Newsletter text

Please feel free to share news of the fund in your newsletter. You can download the grant fund logo on the link below, and we've prepared some suggested text to the right.

Download the VocTech Activate grant fund logo

Grants of up to £60,000 available from Ufi VocTech Trust

Ufi VocTech Trust (Ufi), the UK charity championing the power of technology to improve skills for work for adults, will be opening the window for VocTech Activate grant fund applications from 11 January to 8 February 2023. Grants of between £30,000 to £60,000 are available for projects lasting three to 12 months which have the potential to transform how adults gain and maintain the skills they need for work. Pre-application grant workshops are available to book now to give applicants the best chance of success.

Designed specifically to support early-stage ideas, the VocTech Activate grant fund provides grants and a supportive environment where the first spark of an idea can be scoped and tested, helping to prototype ideas and work out the next steps necessary on the journey to long-term success.

You can explore the challenges that others have tackled with a VocTech Activate grant, try the two minute eligibility checker, and find the full details of the VocTech Activate grant fund at www.ufi.co.uk/activate.

Social media posts

If you use Twitter or LinkedIn you can help promote the fund by sharing the tweets below, or creating your own:

Twitter post: https://twitter.com/UfiTrust/status/1600422069195284480

LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7006192340948156416

VocTech Activate grant fund animation

Download a short animation introducing the grant fund, the key dates and deadlines. The mp4 file is ready to be shared on Twitter and LinkedIn. To download, right click on the button below and select "Save link as...".

Download animation

Social Media images

A series of images you can use across social media.

Spark of an idea

Please point to "https://ufi.co.uk/grant-funding/voctech-activate"

Coming soon

Please point to "https://ufi.co.uk/grant-funding/voctech-activate"

Attend a workshop

Please point to "https://ufi.co.uk/grant-funding/voctech-activate"

Try the eligibility checker

Please point to "https://ufi.co.uk/grant-funding/voctech-activate/eligibility-checker"

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VocTech Activate grant fund digital flyer

Download our flyer to share news of the grant fund over email. To download, right click on the button below and select "Save link as...".

Download digital flyer