Impact Network

VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund

A new approach to grant funding from Ufi

The VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund represents a new approach to grant funding from Ufi.

As well as receiving grant funding, successful applicants will join the VocTech Challenge Impact Network, a group of organisations working alongside each other as part of an active, expert-led, two-year programme designed to create connections, share knowledge, test assumptions and accelerate adoption and deployment.

Members of the Impact Network include organisations involved in our place-based collaboration work in Hull, Newport, Aberdeen and Belfast, our expert project and partnership managers, our investment team at Ufi Ventures, our Strategic Partners and our broad advocacy and policy activities.

With active participation in meetings, workshops and events and with access to a range of bespoke resources and enrichment opportunities, the Impact Network is designed to provide grant funded projects the best chances of success.

Impact through collaboration

The skills challenges we are focused on as part of this grant fund are long-standing and complex. Developing solutions will not be easy, but we know that collaboration and the sharing of ideas and insight are crucial to success.

We are looking for organisations committed to engage and capitalise on the benefits that come from working alongside organisations with aligned goals, for whom improving the skills system is a strategic priority, and who want to be part of an active movement for change.

Applicants must be prepared to actively engage with Network members and activities, using the insights gained to deepen understanding and inform solution design and project approach, as well as supporting our wider mission to champion and advocate for change in the UKs skills system.

Applicants will need to explain why they want to join the Impact Network and how they think being part of it will strengthen and / or accelerate the progress of their project.

Interested in joining the Impact Network + Grant Fund?

Try our online checker and see if your idea could be eligible. Otherwise, return to the grant fund landing page.