Using digital humans to improve public transport safety

Limbic is a Ufi-funded project that uses digital humans to train bus drivers

Have you ever really thought about the role of a bus driver? A lot of their interactions with their passengers are straightforward and brief. But what happens when communication is difficult? What happens when a passenger seems confused? Would you be able to make a judgment on whether this could escalate into conflict, or whether you just need to be patient and understanding?

This is a situation that many key workers find themselves in on a daily basis, yet soft skills training to support this is often absent or lacks engaging content and depth.

Ossian Whiley from Whiley & Co talks to Caroline O’Donnell about his Ufi-funded project to create soft skills training using digital humans, creating realistic scenarios that can be used to upskill drivers, increase their confidence in dealing with neuro divergent people, and reduce the risk of conflict in their day to day work.

The conversation looks back at Ossian’s journey and how, with Ufi support, his original idea developed in response to learner needs and their environment into a successful project that has been tested with major transport operators and is now ready to take to a larger scale. Ossian also shares his thoughts on what it has been like to work with Ufi, and some words of wisdom for others who may be about to embark on a digital learning project.

Inside bus control panel

Ufi's project with Whiley & Co

Limbic is an interactive soft-skills training application developed by Whiley & Co to form engaging and easily repeatable real-life scenarios.

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