EdTech and Future of Work market trends and forecasts: Q4 2023

The latest quarterly review from Ufi and Tyton Partners

In the latest quarterly report, Ufi Ventures and Tyton Partners review the current market trends, forecasts and debates, including the impacts of regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI), inflation, growth and labour market conditions, including the potential effects of the growing skills gap on economic mobility.

This quarter continued a period of modest economic recovery. Inflation slowed, though consumers faced the consequences of past periods of price increases. Economic growth also slowed in the UK and the EU, while the US saw improved growth, likely due to favourable energy prices.

Labour markets remained consistent, with unemployment rates flattening out in recent quarters. Worker discontent remained high across key sectors, however, and firms continued to feel the disconnect between skilled talent and business needs. Strikes and negative labour sentiments have resulted in some changes, including the enforcement of longer-term policies like employment regulations and retirement benefits. Artificial intelligence (AI) remains a key area of debate and innovation, especially regarding how to regulate the fast-moving landscape...

Q4 2023 cover spread

In our Q4 2023 report we explore 5 key framing questions:

  1. How can technology help accelerate and sharpen government strategies related to workforce development and upskilling, particularly as AI regulations come to bear?
  2. How can technology, including new AI tools, play a role in adult learning, especially for those not served by mainstream provision?
  3. How will organisations already implementing AI adjust to new regulations, and how can government agencies best support them?
  4. How can private and public actors best position themselves to interact with the increasing fluidity across the education and workforce sectors?
  5. How will the power dynamic between employers and employees evolve in the coming quarters, and how will their use of technology inform or react to that evolution?

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