Ufi Ventures invests in CAD learning platform

Embedded CAD platform Fabrio raises funding to transform 3D design learning

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is at the core of design-based industries today - from engineering/manufacturing to film production and game design. CAD software creates 3D simulation and production environments where users can design multiple solutions to a given problem, and evaluate their suitability in practice. Used effectively, CAD delivers significant savings in time and cost.

With the CAD software industry advancing significantly in the past 5 years and the advent of modern manufacturing processes, firms are embedding CAD even deeper into their process, exponentially increasing the need for CAD skills across their workforces. Conversely, the number of workers with ‘job-ready’ CAD skills is decreasing. Autodesk estimates that 56% of CAD-based companies hire new employees who lack skills for the job, and 76% of ‘high-performing companies’ are investing in technology-focused CAD training for employees at all levels. Whilst CAD modules form a component of many school, college and university courses, traditional classroom-style teaching has been a large barrier for many, including Fabrio co-founder Jay. Thus limiting the number of graduates going on to take up careers in engineering, manufacturing and FX.

This is where Fabrio is a game changer. Fabrio integrates into industry-level CAD software allowing users to “build and learn” simultaneously through an embedded learning approach. Whether learning new CAD software on the job, in university, college or school, or for super-users wanting to solve their design problems more efficiently, Fabrio is transforming how people learn CAD and bring their ideas to life.

Fabrio: Learner using CAD learning platform

Jay Sahnan and Anirudh Vadiyampeta, Founders of Fabrio, said:

“CAD is fundamental to today's world - everything from pens to shirts to bridges start in CAD. It goes beyond just engineering & manufacturing as well, CAD is a huge part of films and general media consumed today. That's why we're so excited about revolutionising CAD learning and making it more accessible for learners of all backgrounds and levels of experience. This new investment comes at an exciting time for us as we develop our technology further and roll-out to a broader range of learners, whether that's an individual looking to up-skill themselves or a workplace looking to on-board a new cohort of graduates.”

Since it began operations in late 2022, Fabrio has worked with over a hundred educational institutions in the UK, Italy, USA and Hong Kong, including University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London, and established a pioneering partnership with the world’s largest CAD provider, Autodesk. Their checking tool has saved 1000s of hours that teachers and engineers would otherwise be using to mark CAD coursework and designs. Fabrio gives users the ability to assess the viability of thousands of designs in real-time, whilst providing targeted support to increase the efficiency and efficacy of their work.

The new investment from Ufi Ventures, and their existing investor TwinklHive, the investment arm of Twinkl, a respected global leader in education resources, will allow Fabrio to supercharge its product roadmap. Founders Jay Sahnan and Anirudh Vadiyampeta will use this investment to catalyse the AI-tooling behind the Fabrio suggestion tool. The suggestion tool creates personalised design optimisations and learning content based on a user’s in-software actions, reducing error and time to market, as well as assessing the user’s current skill level, and providing micro-credentialing as they ‘level up’. The investment from Ufi Ventures and TwinklHive will also drive their geographic expansion in the USA, and their partnership strategy with Formula 1 in Schools.

Ellasaid Woodhouse, Investment Associate at Ufi Ventures, said:

“We are pleased to be making this investment into Fabrio at a time when skills shortages in design-based industries continue to grow. The supply-demand mismatch is limiting innovation and hindering productivity across a huge range of engineering, manufacturing and FX firms in the UK. So we are excited to be investing in Fabrio at a critical stage of their growth, especially as they begin roll-out to workplaces. This will benefit both the ‘next generation’ as well as upskillers, career-changers, and re-skillers who are feeling the pressure of automation.”

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