How can digital tools help the hidden heroes in UK manufacturing develop their skills?

UK Manufacturing isn’t improving quickly enough to compete globally. The UK’s Team Leaders are hidden in industry and are neglected skills wise, yet they drive a big part of the solution to the UK’s productivity problem.

Manufacturing Team Leaders, the engine rooms of our factories, are unsung heroes facing a daily storm of problems, many of which they struggle to solve due to a knowledge gap.

Russell and Steph Watkins from Sempai talk to Hilary Stringer about their Ufi journey to create an affordable, accessible digital solution that can be used in real-time on the shop floor.

The conversation looks back at their early application to Ufi and how that was developed with Ufi support into a successful project that has now reached the point of live user testing. They share their experiences of getting to grips with learning design for digital and thinking about how the proof of concept will be commercialised at the end of the project.

Forklift truck driver receiving on the job training.

Ufi's project with Sempai

Sempai’s vision is to transfer true lean capability to the hidden heroes in manufacturing to help them make the right things better.

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