Lean Manufacturing Digital Toolkit


UK Manufacturing isn’t improving quickly enough to compete globally. The UK’s Team Leaders are hidden in industry and are neglected skills-wise, yet they drive a big part of the solution to the UK’s productivity problem. These people, the engine room of our factories, are unsung heroes facing a daily storm of problems, many of which they struggle to solve due to a knowledge gap. Sempai’s vision is to transfer true lean capability to the hidden heroes in manufacturing to help them make the right things better.

This project creates an affordable, accessible solution that can be used in real-time on the shopfloor. An engaging and immersive digital learning tool upskills Team Leaders in lean manufacturing, giving adaptive content accessible on the shopfloor through an app on a tablet. The initial 2 modules, through a mix of branched microlearning, videos, photos, simulations & skills diagnostics, enable Team Leaders to “Do” as they “Learn”.

Manufacturing businesses will benefit from the tangible improvements that their Team Leaders make from using the platform whilst growing more capable leaders able to progress into bigger roles - and helping to solve UK Manufacturing’s Productivity Problem.