Social Tech Amplifier unveil 11 ventures tackling youth employment

Supporting young adults to access jobs and navigate the future of work.

The Social Tech Amplifier announce the onboarding of 11 ventures each with a focus on developing and implementing tech solutions to help tackle youth employment.

The Amplifier is a partnership between Catch22, Ufi VocTech Trust and Social Tech Trust. Its aim is to help ventures unlock opportunities in the public sector supply chain and prepare them for scale through venture development activities and access to investment.

Created to mobilise the power and energy of tech ventures in public service delivery, the Amplifier helps ventures to identify the impact and commercial opportunities for their product or service for use in public service delivery.

Ventures will be helped to test and refine solutions through existing supply chain and network partners, and supported with deploying impactful and commercially successful solutions in the business to government (B2G) market. This model of investment is a unique opportunity to support more young people to access the benefits of vocational technology.

As part of the programme, all ventures will receive support in venture development and contract readiness, technology, and raising investment. Ventures will also gain support from Hatch and Microsoft by providing them with access to relevant software, guidance and mentorship.

Meet the ventures

The Amplifier’s 11 new ventures are AKOU, Briqs, Career Matters, Earlybird, GetMyFirstJob, GradPrentice, implyable, miFuture, SkillLab, Supplytrain, and WYK Digital.

Career Matters previously received funding from Ufi during the VocTech Challenge 2019. Using their grant fund, Career Matters developed the platform Thrive which connects care leavers and employers to improve vocational outcomes and opportunities.

When asked about being part of the Amplifier, Hannah Kirkbride, CEO at Career Matters, said:

“Career Matters is delighted to have been selected to take part in the Social Tech Amplifier and to receive support from Catch22, Microsoft and Ufi VocTech Trust.  Thrive, our hybrid digital provision funded by Ufi VocTech Trust, is a solution to support young people with experience of the local authority care system into education, employment and training.  The solution also supports employers (including the NHS) who are seeking to create an open and inclusive workforce”.

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Ufi and Catch22 have been working together as Strategic Partners with the aim to catalyse systems change in the adoption and deployment of vocational technology, focusing on the business to government market.

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