Ufi and Catch22

Mobilising the power and energy of tech ventures to drive reform in public services

Reform through social enterprise has been at the forefront of Catch22’s work for over 200 years.

Together, Ufi and Catch22 are working to catalyse systems change in the adoption and deployment of vocational technology with a focus on the business to government market.

At Catch22, we have an ambitious agenda for driving reform in delivering public services and we are increasingly adopting innovations in tackling the injustices faced by young people in the labour market.

Through this exciting partnership, we will be drawing on our shared networks, expertise and resources to accelerate the most promising ventures innovating in this space.”

David Hinton, Catch22 Project Lead


Catch22 is a social business, designing and delivering public services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.

They work across education, apprenticeships and employability programmes and deliver social justice and rehabilitation services both in prisons and in the community.

Activities and achievements

GoodTech Ventures logo

The GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator, October 2023.

The GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator supports early-stage impact-led tech ventures to design, build and deploy game-changing digital technologies into social and public service delivery.

The programme is delivered by Catch22 in partnership with Social Tech Trust and Unity Ventures with over 700k of funding and support from Ufi, Microsoft and the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Our work together builds on the achievements of the Social Tech Amplifier launched in October 2022, see below for details.

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Social Tech Amplifier

The Social Tech Amplifier, October 2022.

The Social Tech Amplifier was launched jointly by Catch22, the Social Tech Trust and Ufi, with support from Hatch and Microsoft.

Created to mobilise the power and energy of tech ventures in public service delivery, the amplifier invited start-ups and ventures to apply for the programme, where they received support to refine their solutions, scale their ideas and bring commercially successful solutions to the business to government (B2G) market.

This model of investment presented a unique opportunity to support more young people to access the benefits of vocational technology. Together, we worked to scale new and impactful technology solutions which will ultimately equip more people to successfully navigate the future of work.

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