Ufi Appoints New Vice-Chair

Paolo Fresia has been appointed Vice-Chair of Ufi's Board of Trustees

Ufi is pleased to announce that Paolo Fresia has been appointed Vice-Chair of its Board of Trustees, following the appointment of Dominic Gill as Chair earlier this year. The appointment is part of Ufi’s wider governance strategy.

Paolo joined the board in January 2020 and brings with him a wealth of experience as an impact investor, with a focus on mitigating climate change, sustainable production and consumption, and reducing gender and LGBT+ inequalities.

Speaking of his appointment, Paolo said:

I am thrilled to serve as Ufi’s Vice-Chair alongside Dominic Gill’s exemplary chairmanship.

Ufi is presently at an exciting juncture, having recently aligned all its investable assets with its mission to advance technological innovation in vocational education.

I am particularly excited about Ufi’s efficient use of grants, loans, equity and other investment capital to optimally support nascent ventures in VocTech.

I also consider Ufi to be a role model for its integrity and sound governance practices. I look forward to working even more closely in a collegial spirit with Ufi’s staff and trustees to advance the charity’s all-important endeavours.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Chief Executive Officer of Ufi VocTech Trust, said:

It has been a pleasure working with Paolo and his appointment as Vice-Chair is fantastic news for the organisation. He brings a really important insight into the world of impact investing, and has already had a hugely positive impact on the work of Ufi.

I look forward to working with Paolo in this new capacity alongside the rest of the Board to ensure that Ufi continues to make the biggest possible impact in supporting the vocational education community.