Ufi portfolio company CAPSLOCK wins BVCA’s Excellence in Impact 2023 award

A huge congratulations to the team at CAPSLOCK for impressing the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) judges.

Nominated by Ufi Ventures, CAPSLOCK have won the Excellence in Impact 2023 award in the Portfolio Company (Social Impact) category at the BVCA summit.

The award recognises companies that have demonstrated they are creating a positive social impact in their day-to-day business and have been supported by their investors to do so.

CAPSLOCK removes barriers to reskilling in high demand sectors, such as cybersecurity, enabling those looking to retrain to access quality work, without having to pay a penny until they’ve landed a high-paying job. Their programmes are delivered entirely within a collaborative digital learning environment that has been built to simulate real working scenarios.


Dr. Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK, and Alex Bishop, Ufi’s Senior Investment Manager, pictured receiving the award.

Dr. Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK, received the award at the BVCA conference on 5 October.

The competition judges praised the business for its strong, targeted approach in using impact as a driver of commercial value. Ufi Ventures has supported CAPSLOCK in better quantifying their impact metrics, including reporting on the scale, quality, and depth of impact.

CAPSLOCK believes that everyone deserves access to career-changing education, no matter their academic background, work experience, or financial status. They are committed to helping people of all genders, all ethnic backgrounds, all neurotypes, and all walks of life get into tech.

By empowering individuals with knowledge and skills, promoting inclusivity, and actively measuring and improving its impact, CAPSLOCK is a model for how digital-first education can drive social mobility and positive change in the UK.

Ufi Ventures invested in CAPSLOCK in March 2021 alongside GC Angels.

You can hear from the founders of CAPSLOCK and Ufi’s Senior Investment Manager, Alex Bishop, in the video below recorded as part of the Week of VocTech 2021.

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