Ufi Ventures announces second investment into Mobilise

Ufi Ventures is delighted to announce a follow-on investment into Mobilise, the leading provider of digital carer support.

Ufi Ventures portfolio company Mobilise has successfully completed its Seed investment round, signalling a growing movement to invest in providing support to the UK’s 10.6 million unpaid carers.

Led by former Salesforce EMEA chairman Steve Garnett, and supported by investment from Ufi Ventures and the Resolution Foundation, the investment round enables Mobilise to expand and enhance the digital support it is providing to unpaid carers.

"The sector supporting unpaid carers is facing a challenging environment. This new investment provides an opportunity to innovate for carers - finding new, more accessible ways to reach more carers and provide them with the support that enables them to thrive.

With millions of us caring for a friend, family member or neighbour, that support needs to be scalable, whilst also being effective and affordable for local authority budgets.

More and more local authorities are looking for ways to harness digital technologies to reach their carers more effectively. That’s why the digital carer support we offer at Mobilise has attracted these impact investors”,

explains Mobilise CEO and co-founder, James Townsend.

Commissioned by local authorities, Mobilise reaches out to unpaid carers and gives access to support in the shape of Mobilise’s 60,000+ community of people caring, world-class content and events, and one-to-one coaching. With an estimated 600 people every day leaving work to care, the support Mobilise provides is crucial to helping adults continue in employment.

Helen Gironi, Director of Ufi Ventures, said:

“Digitising social care is a big trend right now - but start-ups like Mobilise are really making innovation happen, which is what drove our initial pre-seed investment last year”.

“We know 79 per cent of unpaid carers using Mobilise tools haven’t accessed support for their caring role previously - so they’re impacting carers who haven’t been reached by traditional support, giving a real opportunity to make a difference at an early stage in their caring journey. We’re delighted to continue to support the business”.

Founded in 2019, Mobilise is the leading provider of digital carer support, reaching hundreds of thousands of unpaid carers and offering digital support in the shape of a 60,000+ community of people caring, one-to-one coaching and online tools.

Mobilise identifies and builds resilience in a wide array of unpaid carers who are not currently engaging with existing support, and by providing ongoing support reduces the burden on existing services.


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  • Ufi Ventures announce investment in Mobilise

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    Ufi Ventures announce investment in Mobilise; a digital platform that provides access to knowledge, expertise, and skills for unpaid carers in the UK.

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