What they do:

Mobilise is a digital platform and community providing access to knowledge, expertise, and skills for the 13.5 million unpaid carers in the UK.

Their mission is to build a global community in which people with caring roles can support each other not just to care, but to care and thrive.

How they make impact:

Mobilise work with Local Authorities to help identify and provide support to unpaid carers in their communities; harnessing their collective knowledge, wisdom and expertise and empowering them to thrive through online skills sharing and support.

With one in five carers finding that they need to stop work to care for loved ones, Mobilise’s service is crucial in helping people navigate the complexities and challenges of caring while also maintaining employment.


Ufi Ventures invested in Mobilise as part of a £400k early-stage founding round in 2022.

In the video below, Director of Ufi Ventures, Helen Gironi, caught up with James to talk about the investment and find out more about Mobilise’s plans for the future.