What they do:

Fabrio teaches Computer Aided Design (CAD) through a range of interactive learning materials aimed at reducing teacher intervention and promoting independent learning.

Fabrio integrates into industry-level software to tailor learning and increase the efficiency of the design process through real-time marking and prompts.

How they make impact:

With the CAD software industry advancing significantly in the past 5 years and the advent of modern manufacturing processes, firms are embedding CAD even deeper into their processes, exponentially increasing the need for CAD skills across their workforces. Conversely, the number of workers with ‘job-ready’ CAD skills is decreasing. Whilst CAD modules form a component of many school, college and university courses, traditional classroom-style teaching has been a large barrier for many, limiting the numbers of graduates going on to take up careers in engineering, manufacturing and FX.

By integrating into industry-level CAD software, Fabrio supports users to “build and learn” simultaneously through an embedded learning approach. Whether learning new CAD software on the job, in university, college or school, or for super-users wanting to solve their design problems more efficiently, Fabrio is making CAD more accessible for learners of all backgrounds and levels of experience, transforming how people learn CAD and bring their ideas to life.


Ufi invested in Fabrio in January 2024 alongside TwinklHive, the investment arm of Twinkl.

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