VocTech Challenge Fund Workshops Launched

Ufi is launching a series of online workshops to help applicants who are thinking of applying to the forthcoming VocTech Challenge Fund

This fund is focused on how VocTech can solve real, practical problems for those who face the greatest barriers to vocational training and employment. We are looking for projects that address the VocTech Challenge:

How can VocTech address barriers and build bridges to create a step-change in learner confidence and motivation, leading to better outcomes for the learner, for the employer and society as a whole?  

This Challenge is focused on adults impacted by the digital divide and furthest away from learning so they can gain the confidence they need to get the skills they need for work. 

The workshops have been developed to provide more detail about the fund and to give people a chance to explore their ideas with peers and the Ufi Team.

Running throughout July, the VocTech Challenge Funding Call Workshops offer an opportunity to learn more about what makes a successful application, ask questions, and discuss ideas with the Ufi team in small breakout groups.

In addition, Ufi is running series of expert-led panel discussions to explore the VocTech Challenge in more detail. These sessions will focus on the practical considerations at the heart of the Challenge: how to design digital tools for people who are furthest away from vocational learning and for whom confidence and motivation are barriers to learning.

Ufi Grants Manager, Sarah Axon, explained:

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“Applicants who attend one of our workshops are much more likely to be successful, so it is really exciting to be launching this workshop series. Our aim is for organisations who are considering applying for the VocTech Challenge Grant Fund to understand what we are looking for and to be able to decide if the fund is a right fit for them.”

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VocTech Challenge Fund Workshops

A series of online workshops to help applicants who are thinking of applying to the forthcoming VocTech Challenge Fund.

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