The Jobs Frontier 2024

Catalysing the Future of Workforce Development

The latest report from Ufi Ventures and Tyton Partners, exploring the investment landscape for vocational technology.
Cover image from the 2024 report

We live in unexpectedly uncertain times, with the future often a cause for concern. After a worldwide pandemic, few would have predicted the outbreak of two major wars in two years, dramatically affecting the prospects of the European continent and the wider global order. The climate emergency remains pressing. America is on an electoral knife-edge.

In line with Ufi’s vision and mission, we believe that the need to accelerate the just transition has never been more pressing. We believe that all stakeholders, including those investing private capital, have a crucial role to play. Our ongoing analysis of the VocTech and Future of Work ecosystem gives us cause for hope, particularly where we see thoughtful combinations of cutting-edge technologies and human intelligence.

In this report from Tyton Partners, commissioned by Ufi Ventures, we provide a review of the frameworks, trends, and analyses we work with for investing in the Future of Workforce Development (Vocational Technology and EdTech for adult learners); including an overview of the current market landscape and explanation for how it informs our investment thesis.

We hope this report provides some inspiration to investors, innovators, and other stakeholders in the UK and beyond.

Leveraging data from expert interviews, proprietary market intelligence and analysis the report explores:

  • Trends that are shaping work, employment and vocational education, including the impact of artificial intelligences
  • Perspectives on the key political moments coming in 2024, with elections in both the UK and USA offering the potential for policy reforms that could accelerate progress
  • A review of the investment and funding landscape, highlighting areas that are still attracting interest, despite a tough environment
  • A detailed assessment of the UK’s progress towards a future in which vocational skills are celebrated and valued as the engine upon which the UK economy is built

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