The Jobs Frontier 2022

Catalysing the Future of Workforce Development

A new report from Ufi and Tyton Partners, exploring the investment landscape for vocational technology

The Future of Work has arrived for massive swathes of the world’s workers. As COVID forced entire industries and populations online, the basic assumptions that have long underpinned how and where we work have been challenged, forcing businesses and governments to adapt and iterate.

The unintended consequences of this rapid and necessary pace of change continue to reverberate throughout the global economic system and the workers that support it. However, this era presents a novel opportunity for governments and corporations to rebuild a more intentional, equitable, and innovative world of work.

In this report from Tyton Partners, commissioned by Ufi Ventures, we provide a review of the frameworks, trends and analyses we work with for investing in the Future of Workforce Development (Vocational Technology and EdTech for adult learners); including an overview of the current market landscape and explanation for how it informs our investment thesis.

Leveraging data from expert interviews, proprietary market intelligence and analysis the report explores:

  • Strategic investment priorities
  • Challenges facing workers and businesses of the future
  • The investment landscape for vocational technology
  • VocTech market segmentation
  • Ongoing market intelligence
  • Scenarios and indicators
  • Strategic implications for investment in the sector
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