VocTech Challenge 2021

Levelling up learning

The VocTech Challenge 2021 aims to catalyse change in the adoption and deployment of technology to level up vocational learning for those most at risk of falling behind.

Ufi launched the VocTech Challenge in November 2020. At the time we could see that the differential impact of the pandemic across the UK had the potential to become a long-term and severe problem if we did not recognise the challenge and work quickly to mitigate it.

By aligning our funding, resources and partnerships we aim to support the development of VocTech solutions with a focus on improving outcomes for those most impacted by the digital divide and encourage the adoption and deployment of ‘what works’ through demonstration and advocacy.

Our White Paper sets out the actions that Ufi is undertaking, both on our own and in partnership, to help tackle some of the critical challenges arising from the Green Paper and accompanying consultation.

This major initiative for Ufi will shape our activity for years to come.

The progress towards our commitments can be seen below.

We will update these pages as the VocTech Challenge 2021 continues to develop.

Projects and partnerships addressing the VocTech Challenge 2021

Explore the organisations we are working with to help level up learning.

  • VocTech Challenge 2021 projects

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    Explore the projects helping tackle learner confidence with a grant fund from Ufi VocTech Trust.

  • Strategic Partnerships

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    Working together to maximise our collective impact and accelerate the pace of change.

Background to the Ufi VocTech Challenge 2021

VocTech Challenge updates