Agylia Care


There are 6.5 million unpaid carers across the UK who receive little or no training and support in their crucial roles. There is no coherent national training and support strategy for them - current provision is patchy, some through local authorities (reducing due to budget cuts) and some by a variety of charities.

This project aims to change this by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify, trigger and distribute a personalised selection of training materials and relevant task support tools via an App on a Carer’s phone, PC or tablet, online or offline. Training will be tracked and can lead to the award of a training certificate.

Agylia will bring together a library of training and support modules, consisting of over 200 pieces of microlearning, optimised for mobile devices, plus over 200 parallel podcasts. The service will also include discussion forums and commenting trails. Agylia are working with Skills for Care, a leading national skills charity for the social care sector.

The project will provide a way for unpaid carers to have their skills recognised, boosting confidence and helping them towards mainstream work after their family caring responsibilities end.