AI learning support assistant (AILSA) to help develop AI skills


Artificial intelligence (AI) skills shortages are a serious problem in the UK. AI and related technologies are transforming the economy and creating new opportunities, however many employers struggle to find workers with the right skills. 93% of UK businesses report a gap in IT skills, and 40% say AI and machine learning are the most sought-after skills. Government research estimates AI could leave 10.5 million workers facing a high or medium risk of automation by 2030. But AI could also create new jobs and tasks that need human skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, and communication. The UK needs to invest in developing and retaining talent and reskilling and upskilling the workforce to meet current and future demand for AI skills.

This project will produce an AI Learning Support Assistant (AILSA) – a copilot to help young people on MyPocketSkill to acquire and use AI skills. It will provide guidance and feedback to learners as they work on small AI projects for real customers. The tool will use large language models to understand project requirements and learner progress, offering suggestions, explanations, and evaluations to improve AI skills and deliver results. It will generate and adapt relevant AI content and code to assist learners with projects and modify generated content and code according to learner feedback and customer needs.

Using an AI copilot built into a task platform, students and young people will learn AI skills in an engaging, interactive, and personalised way, whilst gaining valuable experience and exposure to real-world AI applications and challenges.