NYA Learning Hub

National Youth Agency

Training opportunities for Youth Workers are currently very limited and the number of qualified people continues to fall, while the need for the specialist skills they require increases at a significant rate.

Added to this there is little opportunity for learning to underpin career progression or to enable the many fantastic volunteers working with young people to gain the skills they need to move into paid employment within the sector.

The NYA Youth Work Academy will provide a vocational learning platform and collaborative learning space for the UK Youth Work Sector. The organisation is looking more widely to see how a ‘digital first’ approach can change how they work.

The opportunity for social impact from this development is significant, with the increased skills of the Youth Workers rippling out into communities.

This project will combine NYA’s expertise in working with young people and understanding the learning needs of those supporting them with the digital expertise of Agylia to develop the underpinning technology. It will be piloted with 100 individuals working with young people from a variety of settings.