Create Your Own Future

Saffron Interactive

Adults in receipt of Universal Credit or furthest from the job market often lack the confidence and motivation to develop or extend their skills to work. Saffron Interactive are developing a digital ‘employment journey’ for people accessing employability programmes to help address this. An AI enabled, video-based coach will supplement the role of the human work coaches by providing diagnostics, job and training matching, support and action planning.

The AI will personalise the user journey and alert real-life coaches to intervene in the case of specific triggers, for example lack of response, which can be an indication of a user having difficulties. Activity, engagement, and motivation will be maintained through behavioural nudges and personalised pathways. This will allow the human work coaches to provide higher value, impactful support when needed, by allowing them to focus on relevant and timely interventions as opposed to the current high volume of chasing and administration.

The end product will be a system which empowers the individual to realise their own potential and career opportunities in a safe and supported environment. Saffron are piloting the prototype with a DWP sub-contractor, and this solution has the potential to reach many thousands of users through similar partners.