AIDA - Artificially Intelligent Development Assistance

Saffron Interactive

Saffron are developing a holistic digital 'employment journey' for people on DWP and other employability programmes. An AI enabled, video-based coach will supplement human support from work coaches, enabling the service to scale and ensure consistency. The intention is to empower the individual and give them access to resource and opportunities whilst also allowing those supporting them to monitor progress and provide timely interventions when needed. They will work with Twin Group who work on DWP and related contracts to provide support to thousands of individuals across multiple programmes.

Adults in receipt of Universal Credit or furthest from the job market often lack the confidence and motivation to develop the skills for work.

Saffron Interactive have developed and tested a prototype platform to develop an AI coaching solution that works alongside live support. This project further develops the protype platform and coaching model to provide support and ongoing engagement for users, from the beginning of their learner journey to post-employment.

The AI video coach with voice recognition and natural language processing will provide diagnostics, job and training matching, action planning, support, and behavioural nudges. It will use AI to personalise the learner journey and alert real-life coaches to intervene if it appears a learner is having difficulties.

Personalised pathways and coaching are delivered both through the AI video mentor and, where the individual is struggling, through reports and alerts to Twin work coaches enabling high-value “just in time” support. Activity, confidence and motivation are maintained through automated behavioural nudges and live intervention where needed.

The end product will be a system empowering the individual, through a “safe environment” to realise their own potential and confidently set out their own career plan, whilst ensuring opportunities/needs for live support are not missed.