Frontline Workers - Vocational Learning in the Public Services

Filtered & IntraQuest

This project builds on the successful ‘Tackling Engagement’ programme, which is already raising the efficiency of public-facing service staff through training in relationship-based practice and empathy skills by digitising the programme.

It is based on an interactive, mentor-led programme known as Tutorbot. Tutorbot uses advanced AI techniques to listen to the concerns of frontline workers and provides contextualised learning recommendations, engaging users through a chatbot messenger. The project has designed, trained, and tested novel natural language processing algorithms that are specifically catered to support an audience of social care workers. In demonstrating that this approach can secure engagement and effective skills development by making digital material applicable to real world problems, we have aimed to mirror the very successful therapeutic element of the Tackling Engagement digital delivery model. The approach is being validated with users from local authorities whose feedback is supporting the development of the final commercial product.