Augmented Learning

Bradford College

Although advances are being made in distance and blended learning techniques for STEM teaching, there is still a gap in augmented reality approaches for students to develop practical experimentation skills.

Currently students complete assessments on titration by watching pre-recorded videos of experiments and noting their observations. They are unable to provide evidence of the practical skills used in titration, including equipment selection. This project developed an AR application to enrich learning with independent, self-directed learning experiences. The AR “Titration Station” app can be accessed remotely by students without physical access to chemicals and lab equipment, using mobile devices. It provides a practical, interactive simulation of a real titration experiment in which students can test theories and practise their skill sets. It develops learners’ practical skills by allowing them to conduct titration experiments within a safe, guided learning experience. The pilot “Titration Station” app is using titration as a proof of concept that Bradford College plan to scale into a full suite of laboratory Augmented Reality simulations.