AutonoMe In-Work Support


Adults with learning disabilities have a significant need for transitional support into work. AutonoMe started as a virtual service combining human support with instructional content to help with the development of independent living skills in the home.

They have developed pre-employment support, with a focus on transferable knowledge, mental health and well-being in partnership with LGA, NHS Digital and six local authorities. Content such as “teamwork” and “what to expect in an interview” has been created specifically for this learner group, breaking down tasks into simple, easy to follow steps that prepare them for the move to employment.

This project will further develop and test the model, extending it to stay with learners when they have secured a job. The aim is to develop content tailored to the individual, and their new role, so that learners and employers can access support for up to six months. AutonoMe will test technical and learning design approaches to providing work-based learning for people with learning disabilities, using bite sized instructional video content coupled with dynamic app features, such as notifications/alerts, to motivate learners. The app will then use the information from the user to tailor content to the individual learner to offer them bespoke support, suitable for their needs. It aims to demonstrate that virtual in-work support can reduce the amount of resource-intensive 1-2-1 support new employees with learning disabilities require and increase rates of sustained employment.