Better Skills, Better Jobs


People learn better if they learn collaboratively and understand how those skills are needed for work. That’s the concept behind the Better skills, better jobs project.

Learnium’s ambition is to develop a new approach to skills development that will engage more learners in upskilling to better paid jobs. The project will focus on hospitality recruitment and training provision to test the ideas. The approach will involve an end-to-end process of learner recruitment, employer engagement, skills training, job placement and onboarding to follow the skills development into the workplace.

The innovation is in building a collaborative training application that provides skills training relevant to the sector, increases engagement, builds collaborative and peer working skills, and engages employers in this process to make sure the skills needs are rooted in real work environments.

The platform’s learning design will be to support group activities and collaborative learning to drive better outcomes. Learnium already supports collaborative learning in other educational sectors and will be developing a new product as part of this project suite to meet the needs of learners with different abilities.