Intelligent Mobile Training for the Construction Industry


New to the construction industry or refreshing your skills? A bot named ‘Dean’ is your new best friend!

The project will develop an interactive, accessible solution for learning in the UK Construction Industry, designed for use on mobile devices. It aims to deliver a training solution that has media-rich, gamified bite-sized content, tailored to the individual learner’s needs and delivered on-demand.

The project will draw on components of Acadmi’s current B2B / SaaS Mobile Learning Platform to build and test a training app which will allow employers and training providers to tailor content for their employees.

Featuring an interactive video player integrated with quizzes, assessments and social peer-to-peer assignments as well as user-generated content. Users will be supported by a Bot named ‘Dean’ to help employees in their access to key information.

Acadmi’s web app will intelligently learn about the employee’s key strengths and weaknesses - delivering daily / weekly content to improve their training engagement rates and retention of information.

The longer-term aim is to create a marketplace of content from a curated network of training providers, public bodies and employers - all for employees to access a library of content to up-skill themselves, on-demand and on-the-go.