Breaking the cycle of prison leaver underemployment: Green vocational training

Plan and Site Services Limited

Only 2% of the estimated 36,000 Retrofit Assessors needed to help the UK meet its net zero obligations have been trained. At the same time, opportunities to access meaningful vocational education while in prison are limited, as evidenced by the serious employment challenges adults face on release (only 23% are identified by the Ministry of Justice as securing work within 6 months of release).

This project will provide Retrofit Assessors training by creating a digital learning solution to enable the study of Level 3 and 4 energy assessment qualifications while in prison. 3D ‘digital twins’ of physical environments will be created using Light Detection and Ranging technology (using laser light to measure the distance of objects) to create an immersive learning experience. Using the simulation, learners will develop industry-specific skills by undertaking surveys of real world domestic and commercial premises in order to complete retrofit assessments. Learners will be able to engage with, interrogate and accurately assess, real world environments in a virtual context. The solution will be delivered within the prison system’s existing digital infrastructure using standard desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.

Course materials will be mapped to City and Guilds Domestic Energy Assessment and Non-Domestic Energy Assessment qualifications. A partnership agreement with Your Consultation Group will provide the training funds and opportunities for employment post release through