Bridge Builders - Spanning the Gap from Custody to Community

Inside Connections CIC

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme card (CSCS), administered by GQA, is essential for working on construction sites. However, the test is not currently accessible in prisons because of security restrictions around online access. A key objective of this project is to provide prisoners with access to the CSCS test, to aid their entry to employment once released.

Inside Connections is a Community Interest Company working with those who have experience of the Criminal Justice System, either currently serving a prison sentence or recently released from custody. This project aims to bridge the gap between prison and employment by providing learning resources and access to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

The project will develop high quality digital learning materials and integrate a number of existing digital tools to support learners in custody and in the community, bridging the gap for prison-leavers, increasing their independence and removing barriers to employment. It will integrate with, and build on, the main learning infrastructure available in the prison sector: Meganexus's Virtual Campus.

The result will be a system that not only benefits learners but also the professionals supporting them. Trainers will be able to access a system with assessment, planning and tracking tools, avoiding duplication and smoothing the transition from custody to community.