Construction Toolbox


The Construction Toolbox project is creating a fully scalable, mobile learning platform for students, apprentices and workers in the construction industry.

This can capture and record formal and work-based learning in a variety of multimedia formats, through contextually sensitive mini-apps or ‘toolboxes’. Toolboxes can be created and shared by learners and trainers using a built-in authoring tool based on ‘learning stacks’ and triggered contextually to provide additional support for learning where and when they are needed.

The project links the different contexts in which learning takes place – connecting formal training to informal learning on construction sites to improve the quality and effectiveness of apprenticeship learning. By providing simple authoring tools for multi-media content creation, Construction Toolbox allows apprentices to share learning, access just-in-time support and construct their own work based portfolio, with real time feedback through Learning Analytics. Overall, the project also aims to improve the image of training in the construction industry.