West College Scotland

The daily routine of a homecare worker operates on very tight timescales with little time for learning. This project aims to create a prototype mobile app which will enable homecare workers to access training material between visits or at other times that are relevant and convenient to them.

The development will include the creation of a multimedia content library appropriate to the roles and needs of homecare workers, by working collaboratively with various homecare organisations across Scotland. The app will be interactive, requiring workers to respond to visual cues and safely explore the consequences of decisions taken in various settings.

The new tool will deliver timely, cost effective training that will upskill the care home workforce in the West of Scotland. Learners’ achievements will be recognised via the use of Open Badges.

West College Scotland will work with their network of over 100 relevant Scottish stakeholders including the University of the West of Scotland, Local Authorities, SSSC, regional Health and Social Care Partnerships and the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).