Communities of Practice

Association For Learning Technology

The goal of this project is to establish a successful ‘community of practice’ (CoP) where vocational teaching staff are able to acquire, develop and share the digital, and digital pedagogical skills they need to thrive in vocational education, in collaboration with the VocTeach platform.

This project will have the following steps:

Carry out a sector audit to provide current data of existing networks and communities that will inform the next stage of the project and provide useful input for wider developments. This initial design, audit and analysis will conclude with the publication of a report for the sector.

Set up a community of practice, informed by the results of the audit and the needs of stakeholders identified. The number of potential users for this network will run into the 1,000s over a 5+ year period, and initially the project plans to engage with 500 pilot users.

Support the community of practice for a one year test period, with a focus on community engagement and networking. The CoP will parallel nine months of the VocTeach marketplace concept-testing phase to get maximum benefit from both projects.