Open University

2020 brought into relief the need for vocational trainers and educators to access great online resources to support online and blended teaching. The dynamic created by Covid has altered the way teachers teach and providers work.

The OU, Ufi and Jisc are jointly funding an experimental content discovery platform for vocational educators which will ingest and aggregate existing lesson content and create some new content, reaching demonstrator stage with a limited number of FE tester colleges in late Autumn 2022. Our aim is that for less effort, teachers will find more relevant resources - Content will come to teachers rather than teachers needing to go in search of it. Initial resources will support construction curricula.

Subsequent development stages of Vocteach will enable the platform to:

  • Improve the discoverability of relevant, ‘fit for purpose’ content
  • Eliminate wasted teacher time, wading through masses of low quality search results, reducing teacher workload in preparing lesson content
  • Promote the collaboration and sharing of relevant, quality content across the vocational teaching community
  • Show teachers how to embed online content for active, engaged learning
  • Drive equality of access to high-value teaching (‘levelling-up’), increasing teacher confidence to become consumers and creators of content that they will be able to edit and re-upload

The team is now looking to surface the extensive content that exists among vocational providers as well as what has been developed by individual teachers.