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2020 has brought into sharp relief the need for trainers and educators to have access to great online resources to enable them to support their learners at a distance or in blended learning situations.

VocTeach will deliver a pilot online resource platform for vocational education practitioners. The platform will enable them to access and share information about digital resources which have been mapped to their specific needs, to enhance their teaching. These resources will include curriculum-relevant content, generic skills materials and software tools for use with learners. The project is not about creating new content, but making it possible for VE professionals to share what is already being used, and creating a ‘showcase’ for that content.

Educators will be able to see which resources and tools are being used by others, and how such tools could be valuable in their own teaching. The platform will achieve this by encouraging reviews and recommendations of resources. Initially, VocTeach will focus on materials to support educators to teach English and Maths Functional Skills.

The pilot will also test how to engage with the core communities of educational software developers, content providers and end-user teaching practitioners.