VocTeach Discovery

Open University, Jisc and Ufi VocTech Trust

VocTeach Discovery, developed in partnership with Ufi, the Open University and Jisc, is an online intelligent digital content discovery platform for FE tutors and practitioners. The platform will reduce teacher workloads by automatically identifying high-quality contextual vocational learning materials that meet their current teaching needs.

Vocational trainers and educators need access to great online resources to support online and blended teaching. However, unlike other areas of edtech and professional development, vocational technology and learning lacks a peer-reviewed marketplace to make it quick and easy to locate quality vocational teaching resources.

Our aim is for VocTeach to help teachers find more relevant resources with less effort; content will come to teachers rather than teachers needing to go in search of it.

Content will also be personally recommended, and users will be able to see which resources and tools are being used by others, and how such tools could be valuable in their own teaching. Teachers will get to pick, mix, compile, store and share from different resources, and for specific subject areas.

The development of VocTeach is ongoing, with a demonstrator platform due to launch to a small group of FE Colleges at the end of 2022.