Gamification In Construction

The Manchester College

Getting access to a live, working construction site for a group of students can take considerable time and planning for construction departments. As a result, students can’t spend as much time experiencing the real world of construction as trainers would like.

This gamification product aimed at construction learners will engross the most difficult to engage learners, developing their digital and transferable employability skills through tasks and activities set within a real world of work virtual environment.

This project software bridges the gap between education and the real world of construction, giving students the opportunity to fully explore the environment, tools, materials, machinery and building techniques of a virtual construction site.

Through increasingly challenging tasks learners will build increasingly complex structures, from simple single storey buildings (a shed or a bungalow) to super structures. They will be able to realise their constructions through the effective application of skills, such as creative thinking and problem-solving.

Through a range of platforms learners will be able to access the application at home, in college workshops, or at work through their own mobile devices and they will be able to share and develop their outcomes with their peers.