Digital Productivity


Industry 4.0 - the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology is a live issue across all sectors.

It represents a significant opportunity for organisations to optimise their use of resources, innovate new value adding products/services and develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. At this point in time, many organisations and employers lack the required combination of digital and engineering skills to implement the necessary technological changes successfully and seize the Industry 4.0 challenge.

Valuechain’s existing services enable manufacturing companies to compete as world class supply chains. They provide smart manufacturing software that helps organisations to improve productivity, streamline collaboration and generate intelligence. This project aims to extend those capabilities to help organisations develop their future-readiness through the use of personalised development plans in an immersive virtual smart factory environment. The platform will identify skills gaps and then offer learners within manufacturing workforces the opportunity to develop the required digital skills.

Users will undergo an initial assessment and receive suggested training courses to complete in the environment based on their goals and skills. To increase depth of knowledge transfer, each course can be completed in a variety of preconfigured factory layouts and be completed either via the web or through an immersive experience.