Digital Solutions to improving numeracy in the workplace

National Numeracy

The latest Skills for Life survey shows 49% of UK adults lack sufficient functional numeracy skills to make good decisions involving numbers and data in the workplace. National Numeracy are working through their Challenge website to improve adult numeracy and want to scale up their work through partnerships in health and the ‘pre-employment’ sectors, to embed their numeracy improvement tools as a routine part of staff training in these organisations.

Their objective is to scale-up reach and impact by utilising ‘touchpoints’ in existing workplace processes, enabling employers to use National Numeracy’s digital tools to identify, and then address, poor numeracy. The project will identify gaps where existing tools can be used, and where appropriate, create supplementary resources with UK health trusts, DWP and Job Centre Plus, Prospects, National Careers Service and Tomorrow’s People. They will build on research underway to identify the best way to do this.