Engineering Apprentice's Mate

GTA England

How can apprentices be supported to learn more independently in the workplace or training room? AR may be the answer to quick access to know-how and expert advice.

The Engineering Apprentices Mate is an engaging point and play augmented reality (AR) learning experience for engineering apprentices, using a piece of virtual machinery or equipment to provide the apprentice with individual learning, support and assessment activities. The object appears in space in front of you and you can turn it to see it from all angles. Tags on the equipment trigger content, created by engineering instructors across the GTA network, which is accessed via the app or AR headsets, giving apprentices more control over their own learning during their apprenticeship training as well as supporting revision for end-point assessments.

Away from the workshop or factory floor areas, the app can be used with photographs of the machinery, as well as accessing the non-augmented reality aspects of the app (the gallery, information about the machine provider and contact information).

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